Friday, 13 May 2016

Physiotherapy - A Wonderful Health Practice Beneficial To All Irrespective Of Age

Physiotherapy is a specialised area of health that helps people to maintain and restore their movement and improves quality of their lives. Although, it has a history dating back to early 19th century, it has gained popularity only in the recent times. People have started to realize the benefits of Physiotherapy only a few decades before.

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What are the benefits of physiotherapy? 

To children - It is very helpful to children with cerebral palsy. Physiotherapy helps them to improve their posture, to decrease deformity and to make them functionally independent. 

To adults with cardiopulmonary issues - It helps in clearing the secretion in the lungs. A patient with severe shortness of breath and low endurance will be able to note an improvement in the quality of life. 

To the elderly - The elderly are more at risk of neurological problems like Alzheimer’s’ and Parkinson’s etc. Physiotherapy improves their strength, gait, mobility and their daily functions. 

After surgery - Physiotherapy speeds up the recovery post surgery. 

To all - Sports injuries are very common these days. Physiotherapy helps people with sports injuries to recover faster and to get rid of pain. It improves range of motion, strength and stiffness. 

Kingston physiotherapy can be very beneficial in several ways. If you believe physiotherapy will help in improving the quality of your life, you should contact one of the best physiotherapists in Kingston. 

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